Governing Council

Message From the Chairperson-Prof. Simiyu Sitati

The Council is the supreme governing body of the institution. Its principal mandate is to oversee the activities and operations of the institution on behalf of the Government. In this, the Council is concerned with the setting of broad policy directions for the institution and to follow up on how such policies are being executed by management. As the reporting agency to Government, the Council is responsible for the approval of the budget and the performance contract. The Council is also considered as the employer on behalf of the Government and the management thus only employs staff on behalf of the Council. The Council is responsible for ensuring that there are adequate structures in place for the efficient and effective management of the institution. The governance and management structures of the institution shall aim at— encouraging co-operation and collaboration among all stakeholders for effective representation in governance and management of the institution;decentralizing decision-making authority with regard to financial matters, human resource issues, and other relevant matters;enhancing the culture of accountability, democracy, and transparency in the governance and management of the institutions;ensuring effective and efficient education and training;ensuring the participation of and consultation with the stakeholders at the county, national and international levels-

To the 12th graduation graduands, I hope that the achievements that you will open many doors of opportunity out there in order to achieve your personal and professional goals. It is our expectation, however, that you will exhibit excellence in whatever you are doing as this will reflect on the image of Eldoret National Polytechnic. Be our good ambassadors out there. Also, exhibit patriotism for your country as it has heavily invested in you.And where job opportunities may lack, don’t hesitate venturing into your own business. You will not only be generating your own income using the knowledge and skills that you have obtained here but you will also be creating job opportunities for your fellow Kenyans. To the students, I encourage you to continue working hard so as to equally achieve your ambitions. Nothing comes on a silver platter. I wish to thank the management, lecturers, staff and the entire Eldoret Polytechnic Community for being disciplined and committed to academic excellence, which is the mission of The Eldoret National Polytechnic. Continue with the spirit and better still, redouble your efforts in 2017.

Prof. Simiyu Sitati
Chairperson-Governing Council

Governing Council Current Members For the Year January 2022 to December 2024

Prof.Simiyu Sitati


Charles Koech


Patrick Mugo


Gichuru Mutulili

TVET County Director-U.G

The Council

As council, we have continued to provide leadership in achieving The Eldoret National Polytechnic’s core mandate as well as linkage with the national government and other development partners. As the student population and demand for technical training continues to grow, The Eldoret National Polytechnic is undertaking expansion of infrastructure increase of staff including creation of new campuses e.g the Town Campus housed in Berur (formerly Petershah) building in :Eldoret town.Two other campuses in Entebbes and Turkana East are due for inauguration in January next year. This will ensure that over 6,000 students have adequate facilities to excel in their studies.

Our Role as a TVET institution

Providing adequate skilled manpower at all levels of the economy,To provide and promote life-long education and training for self-reliance.; This means providing equitable access to good quality skills training relevant to the labour market.Objectives include Developing appropriate skills at all levels through practical training and work experience,Promoting active and continuous transfer oftechnology through collaborative approaches with relevant industries and Providing increased training opportunities for the increasing number of school leavers.The Manadate is derived from TVET Act 2013.The mandate of TVET institutions is to offer courses as follows:Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) up to artisan certificate Technical and Vocational Colleges (TVCs) up to Diploma level,Technical Trainer Colleges (TTCs) up to Higher Diploma Level National Polytechnic (NP) up to higher Diploma Level.