The Principal

Message from Charles Koech,Chief Principal/Secretary, Governing Council

This National Polytechnic’s geographical location places it at the core of the country’s agricultural production and we are proud to have been the main supplier of professionals involved in the running of sugar factories in the western Kenya sugar belt, the Kenya Seed Company in Kitale and many others. Our pharmaceutical and medical laboratory technology graduates find a ready job market at the nearby Moi National Teaching and Referral Hospital and other medical facilities in the country.

We have also partnered with various players including the county governments, building and construction companies, Kenya Power, KenGen, Athi River Mining, Mabati Rolling Mills, Lake Victoria North Water Services Board and others to ensure our trainees possess skills relevant to industry. This ensures that their chances of getting employment opportunities as soon as they graduate are greatly enhanced. Our annual placement rate stands at over 85 percent. The European Union and the Africa Development Bank (ADB) have particularly been supportive of our endeavours to become the national polytechnic of choice not just for north rift and western but Kenya as a whole. The ADB fianced the construction of the new ultra-modern Building and Civil Engineering workshops, which have already been completed and commissioned. This means the modern equipment for BCE programmes brought in courtesy of World Bank and the Government of Kenya can now be put to use.


The State Department for Vocational and Technical Training has set the term dates for 2022/23 academic year, for the public and private institutions as follows Click Here. Public Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) institutions are further required to ensure optimum utilization of the institutions through mounting short/tailor made trainings that are key to equipping the Kenyan youths with skills.

Ministry of Education,State Department of Vocational and Technical Training
Ref. DTE/ADM.1/107

Recent Events

Locally, we appreciate the support that has been extended to us by Kenya Pipeline, National Bank, Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examination Board (KASNEB), Kenya National Examination Council, Associate of Business Executives (ABE) in the execution of our programmes. We have also set up and equipped computer laboratories to ensure our students get easy access to computer training and high speed internet connectivity via fire link, which will expand their access to learning materials. This will ensure that we continue churning out graduands who are well versed with digital technology, which in today’s world has become one of the basic necessities if you are to succeed in life. In concluding, to the class of 2016, I wish you well outside there. May you enjoy good health, happiness and success. Continue being our good ambassadors out there. As the great philosopher Aristotle said, the roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. May you reap the fruits of your labour abundantly. To quote Franklin Benjamin, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

The Eldoret National Polytechnic is committed to providing high quality Technical, Vocational and Entrepreneurial Training and Research services that meet our customers’ requirements and exceeds their expectations.
In pursuit of this commitment, the Polytechnic shall comply with applicable requirements and continually improve its effectiveness by implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System in line with its strategic plan based on ISO 9001:2015 Standard.The polytechnic’s Top Management shall establish and review quality objectives at user departments on an annual basis for continuing relevance and suitability. This quality policy shall be reviewed at least once every year and reviewed whenever necessary to keep it abreast with emerging issues.

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