Finance office

Message from the Finance Officer-Mr.Richard Sang

The Finance Department is run by the Finance Offier with 14 staff members. Majority of these staff are members of ICPAK and ICPSK. The Department is basically entrusted with the responsibility of handling the fiances of the Polytechnic in liaison with the leadership and management of TENP. As a team, we diligently undertake the roles assigned to us under the following sections: Student Finance, Expenditure Accounting, Final Accounts and Cash Offie.The core functions of the department include implementing the institution’s fiancial policies and procedures, fiancial reporting, systems control and assist in risk management, facilitating audits, implementing tax obligations and other legal aspects and enhancement of Corporate Ethics so as to satisfy all stakeholders through transparency and accountability among other functions. Towards this end, prudent fiancial policies and practices have been put in place for the success of the institution.I am glad to note that we have discharged our mandate diligently and we shall continue to do so even more prudently going forward with the co-operation of all players.To improve service delivery and customer satisfaction in our department, we have introduced a software known as Enterprise Resource Planning, which has greatly improved service provision in our department. We are grateful to the Governing Council of The Eldoret National Polytechnic for their continuous support. We look forward to continue working with all our internal and external customers for the success of The Eldoret National Polytechnic.

The competitiveness of our institution is in a large degree based on the effective use of information technologies and information systems especially. The main purpose of information systems are provide the right information to the right people at the right time. It is used to track, store, manipulate and distribute the information from gathered data to students when necessary.ERP is short for enterprise resource planning. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows the polytechnic to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.

ERP software integrates all facets of our operation-students finance that handles all student finances eg.Invoicing ,cheking of balances etc,admissions which basically handles admission of students,their bio-data,examinations,clearances etc.,stores operations which takes care of item requisitions from staff and supplies from suppliers etc

M-Pesa Paybill Number

School fees payments can be made through the M-Pesa paybill number by following the instructions carefully.For the account number,enter your admission number.This paybill number is only for school fees.Application fees can be paid through the money order at the post office agent near the registry office,Main campus or our Bank accounts ,National Bank or Equity Bank.Click Here to get the Bank Account Numbers.

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